Is the Climate Fight Over? Reflections from Author Wen Stephenson

Climate change is a fact. Have we made as much progress as we thought? Will the Paris Accords hold? Is climate change at the root of the Syrian conflict and the refugee crisis?  Is Secretary of State (and former ExxonMobil CEO) Rex Tillerson actually the moderating influence on Trump Administration climate change deniers like EPA head Scott Pruitt? Is radical activism the answer or is it simply too late? In this incisive interview, author and journalist Wen Stephenson investigates new twists in the Trump era on climate change and the repercussions for democracy, social justice and human rights.

Climate Media Engine: An Interview with Wen Stephenson

Climate Media Engine (CME) is a website that investigates groundbreaking stories on climate change and the movement that surrounds it. CME was launched by Jonathan Schwartz, Director of Interlock Media, at the Climate Treaty Negotiations (COP21) in Paris.

We are excited to be producing our latest piece for the series featuring author and climate activist Wen Stephenson.

Stephenson, author of  What We’re Fighting For Now is Each Other, is a writer for  The Nation and local eco-hero. He was a former editor at The Boston Globe, and a producer at NPR and writer for the on-line version of FRONTLINE before he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to climate activism and authorship. In 2012, he helped launch the grassroots climate-action network  350 Massachusetts.

A talented crew including Director of Photography Johann Grimm, Gaffer Tony Ventura and Sound Mixer Aaron Bouchard came together to film the interview with Stephenson. Journalist Nikita Sampath and Producer Christian Carvajal worked on researching the subject and planning the shoot, with the talented help of Breton Worthington and Fionna Howes.We extend a thousand thanks to Ken Kinna for his editorial talents, to Dylan Ganz and Mandy Kowara for their musical acumen, to Wen Stephenson, and to the Muzila family.