Climate change is our number one priority. Everything is at risk

Interlock Media engages strategists in climate policy, media and underwriting to design and produce daily energetic and entertaining programming in response to climate change.

We were amongst the first to popularize the term “Global Warming,” paying early testament to the linkage between climate change and war. Decades of fieldwork on indigenous rights, conservation and public health built the foundation of our involvement. Our advocacy multiplied tenfold by contributing to the movement to make radio and video into tools for the stewards of fragile lands—rainforests, reefs, and mangroves.

The Climate Media Engine will become a daily offering of one stunning 4-minute serialized episode from a global network of one thousand filmmakers. Bolstered by media contributions, the initiative will revolutionize how media and climate policy work together.

Is the Climate Fight Over?: Wen Stephenson

UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) – German Alternative View

UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) – Alternatiba

The emphasis is on providing a non-redundant service designed by a climate communications team including academics and specialists in message retention, media, and climate change. The production is fueled by exuberant producers dedicated to quantifiable results, as measured by sustained engagement leading to reform.

Only with this scope and collaboration, enabled by your support, can we scale up to disseminate one stunning Climate Media Engine episode per day that people will want to watch every morning over coffee.

Salient stories lead to sustained interest, which leads to real action.


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