Countering climate change and inequity through great filmmaking

We tackle demanding topics on film, radio, television, over the internet — anywhere we can reach those impacted, and those who can make an impact. We produce hard-hitting stories on climate change and sustainability, human rights and public health, indigenous peoples and wildlands protection.

It takes intellect and entertainment to engage audiences. Our mission is further multiplied through training others in investigative and interactive media and through collaborations on like-minded endeavors.

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Meet our leadership

Gary Arora
Gary Arora
Communications Director
Dinah Buechner
Lookout Foundation
Simon Colley
Corporate leadership
Doris Dumond
Social Service Consultant
Robert Dumond
Social Policy and Forensic Psychology
Ali Dorman Fernandez
Associate Marketing Manager, WGBH
Richard Gonci
Creative Director
Studio AMD
Rebecca Hardin
Associate Professor
University of Michigan
Paul Heinzelmann
Secretary, Interlock Media
Physician, Film SetMD
Deana Holmes
Vice Treasurer, Interlock Media
IT Systems Analyst, Wells Fargo
Jeffrey Izzo, Atty.
Chair of Music Studies CSU
Vinca Jarrett, Atty.
Entertainment Attorney FilmPro
Deborah Kirk
Editorial Director
Diablo Publications
David Kleiler
Film Professor & Critic
Local Sightings
Anna Lockwood
Head of Market Development
Telstra Broadcast Services
Swathi Raghuraaman
Vice President
Jennifer Raymond
Director, Donor and Board Relations, Interlock Media
Jonathan Schwartz
President, Interlock Media
Neil Smith
Corporate Sustainability

Surya Kant Tiwari
Corporate Council
Interlock Media
Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP
Legal Counsel

Image: WWF